Wednesday, October 29, 2014

My First Teaching Experience

This is just a description of my teaching experience regarding to teaching project as part of Methods of Effective Teaching English Subject. The aim of this paper is to let you know how i felt and experienced about my teaching and just compared the feeling before the teaching and after teaching.

So I would like to express my gratitude to teacher for giving me this a great chance to teach about my particular topic and thank you teacher for giving me a great encourages, priceless advices, and valuable suggestions throughout teaching in the class to improve student’s abilities and also i do believe that these all valuable suggestions will probably be playing an important role in my future teaching career.

I would like to share about my first teaching experiences. It was on 5th of October 2014 as part of student project for Master Degree, Faculty of Humanities at Mahachulalongkornjaravidyalaya University.

I am supposed to teach about Present Continuous Tease. In fact, I do have teaching experience and i have taught before but it was always local students and speaks same language. So as the first time of teaching to international students in English, it is actually difficult one. I still now remember my half-an hour teaching practice. It was the first time ever that i taught to our peer classmates in classroom. I was so nervous the day before and it was more than little worried and feel nervous just thinking of my teaching process.

I was well preparing for this half-an hour teaching and I prepared about this topic how to teach and how to make listeners to understand clearly my teaching, so the preparation process took few hours then i made decision how to teach and how to do in the class.

As the first time of teaching to my Master Degree classmates using in English language about Present Continuous Tense was extremely difficult and if i do not have self-confidences and do not believe my abilities, I am sure, I am incapable of doing this job   and suddenly worried that i will be unable to do a great job in teaching but after preparing properly which took few hours and also to take responsibility for my teaching time, then i feel like i can do it.

My turn or my teaching time has come on October 5th, I was so ready to teach my particular topic, and I was very enthusiastic for this teaching although I had little worry and fear. I strongly believe myself and my abilities that i could do it well and also i was eager to show how i am going to teach, and explain about my topic.

During giving lecture my topic, the lesson went that i give was not bad but as non- English native speaker, i had difficulties to explain as i understand and to make listeners clarify about my teaching. I had just language weakness to explain all listeners. So in overall of my teaching, i guessed teaching process was not that much good and bad.

After finished my half- an hour teaching practice on my particular topic at that day, I feel very happy and proud of by myself for the teaching that i did in the class. I only had some minor problems at the beginning with my feeling nervousness, fear, and anxiety and also my legs and hands were shaking on the stage in front of many students but after few minutes later, the nervousness disappeared and i could build confidences as normal.

We all university level students understand properly about grammar especially basic grammar such as Present Tense and Present Continuous Tense but to teach in English to our classmates who are actually peer and have already known what present continuous is a quite difficult part and have to be very careful in teaching.

However, i consoled myself by thinking of one saying “Do not worry to make mistake, the mistake will help you”. I do agree with this saying. Of course, no one is perfect; everyone made some mistakes in any conditions. In the human nature, no one is always bad, no one is always good, people did some mistakes, some faults, guiltiness and something that was unacceptable in society but all those mistakes can changes to good condition, we can reform our mistakes to be right things and right actions and even mistakes help us and guide us to the right path.

So by thinking of these mistakes, changeable and flexible conditions, i do have more confidence, eager, enthusiasm and more passion to do it then finally i did it. I did it not very good but i did it as much as i could.

One thing that i realized and experienced from half-an hour teaching practice was that i need to build self-confidences. Whatever we do, we should have self- confidences to be done successfully. Whatever we do, we should believe our abilities to go forward. So self- confidence is a very important factor for all of us and it is a key to success for life.

And from this half-an hour teaching practice, I got good experiences and good feeling that was best memories ever teaching practice and i believe these experiences could assist me to ahead of my future teaching career. I do absolutely need experience in any situation so that i could profit from good experiences. I could solve the problems in peaceful way that I might be facing in our future.

And people always are learning and practicing through their whole lives. The truth comes from practice and experiences, we all need good experiences and good knowledge to be better life. My teaching practice is just first step of long way for future but the first step should be the right step to ahead forward  and I still have long way to go for my career. If i have good effort, passion, experiences and enthusiasm for the next step, the next step of my life would be beautiful and soothing.

Again, thank you very much to my teacher for organizing of this students project which is very helpful to get good experiences, brave to teach, boost self- confidence, develop student’s ability and best guidance for young generation. I am very much appreciated and very happy having this opportunity in order to build confidence and better life.



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