Saturday, April 12, 2014

Myanmar New Year or Thingyan

Times fly so fast, it’s close to New Year again. Water festival or Thingyan is the Myanmar New Year and usually falls around mid-April. It is a Buddhist festival celebrated over a period of four to five days culminating in the New Year.  People from all over the world know New Year as water festival. Since the beginning of March, the weather has been hot, dry and the whole countryside lies parched and barren. As the weather is very hot and every age of Myanmar people including tourists, foreigners come out onto the road and greeted each other by throwing gently water over head and whole body. Water festival is actually the Myanmar New Year and celebrated all over the country.

Thursday, April 10, 2014

The Role of Buddhist Monk in Developing Sustainable Society

In this paper I described about the role of Buddhist monk in social action, social activities and social work for the development of society. There are many possible ways Buddhist monks can help society and can do in different kinds of social activities to be sustainable development. For all Buddhist monks in all Buddhist countries, we can divide them into to three groups. 1 forest monks who love to meditate and sharing, teaching of meditation practice to others. 2 Pali literature monks who like to study Pali Tipitaka and teach to new generation monks and novice to last long of Buddhism and 3 general monks who mostly like and consider to involve in social activities, and social action for the development of society. So that there are many possible ways that Buddhist monks involve in social activities with only purpose of development society.