Thursday, December 17, 2015

Buddhist Attitude towards Environment

Environmental crisis is a global problem that we are now experiencing in modern age. We should consider with different aspects on environmental crisis and we should find the way to protect the environment. Environment is the most important issue since the Buddha time and the Buddha encouraged to the people not to destroy the nature but maintain as it is. The Buddha gave advice to his followers the benefits of maintaining environment and follow as the natural way. The Buddha even laid down a rule for monks in vinaya concerning protecting of environment.

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Welcome to Rakhine State Myanmar

                         If you visit Myanmar, a stop in Rakhine State is a must do!
Htukkhnthein Temple

My homeland, Rakhine State western part of Myanmar, has adorned with so many amazing things, and attractive places for local and tourists. Rakhinne State is one of the most fascinating state in Myanmar with variety of landscape, plateau, high mountain range, ancient city, historical monuments, beautiful waterfall,  white sandy beaches with crystal clear water, green rain forests,  and unique beautiful of local life. All of those best tourist attractions and other beautiful locations are existed all over the state and which are truly attractive paradise for both local and tourists.

Thursday, March 12, 2015

The use of Technology to spread the Buddhist Teaching

In the modern era, technology plays an important role in everyday life. Technology has made our life easier and confortable and it is useful in every sector regardless of race, faiths as well as religions. So modern technology makes things easier to use and save time compared to the previous era. As it is an essential tool for everyday life, people use it to make life easy and to save time. Buddhist monks today use technology to spread Buddhist teaching to every part of the world. I support the idea of using technology to spread of Buddhist teaching.