Saturday, March 16, 2013

Right View

In our everyday life, the material competition is arising and as everybody know that we are all facing with many kinds of problems in everyday lives, so to solve that sorts of problems, we absolutely need to research the way to solve, and need to study the Sammadithi Sutta of Majjima Nikaya to understand more about Right View. Right View is intellectual understanding and studying to understand the Four Noble Truths and also one of step which belong to The Noble Eightfold Path. Right View provides essential guidance and keeping us on the path to genuine wisdom.

Buddhist Concept of Anger/ Hatred

This is an assignment paper for Buddhist Ethics subject and the topic that I am going to describe in detail is Buddhist Concept of Anger / Hatred.  This topic actually is very interesting, and talking about Anger. The aim of this assignment is to let all of you know  the way to eliminate anger and this is for everyone to observe in detail. So I would like to sincerely give my respect and thanks to our teacher Ven. Ashin Sumanacara for giving me a great chance to write this assignment and this work will pay off to me.

Buddhism in Indonesia

This is an assignment to serve the Subject of Buddhism in Contemporary world and the topic here I would like to mention is about Buddhism in Indonesia. The aim of this topic is just let all you know the current Buddhism situation in Indonesia and also to know about the history of Buddhism and how Buddhism was flourished in Indonesia. So I deeply hope that this assignment makes all of you very knowledgeable and this knowledge will play some important part in the process of our journey. I would like to give my special thanks to our teacher Dr. Doungkamon Tongkanaraksa  for giving me this chance to write this assignment and also guiding us the right way to reach our destination