Thursday, January 28, 2016

The Contributions of King Asoka in the 3rd Century B.C. towards the spread of Buddhism

The king Asoka was the third ruler of Maurya Empire who ruled almost entire of Indian continent and it was one of the greatest empires in India of all time. He supported Buddhism in order to spread every part of India and outside of India. He was not a Buddhist but followers of Jainism as following of his family religious belief. According to Buddhist literary sources, he became a Buddhist and follow Buddhism zealously after the end of war. The kind Asoka was main supporter to spread Buddhism throughout of Indian and outside of India in the 3rd century. It is a clear that Buddhism was the most influential and dominates religion during Asoka ruling. Although he was a pious king of Buddhism and support much amount of money to build monasteries, pagodas, monument and other social activities, he had the power to control to all Sangha community and we can know clearly about that he could managed the Sangha community with his power. So the time of Asoka reign was one of the most glorious times in India histories despite Buddhism was fading and eventually died out from India after he passed away. Although Buddhism disappeared in India, Buddhism was flourished in other parts, particularly in Southeast Asia. 

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

The importace of giving Dana in Buddhist Practice

Dana or giving is one of the most important parts in Buddha’s teaching and people are practicing this Dana commonly in all Buddhist countries whether they are understanding of the law of karma or not. And Dana has wider definition. There are various kinds of things that a person can give such as material things, food, shelter, clothing, medicine so on. The person can give not only material things but also can offer the knowledge, skill, and effort that can benefit others. One can give sympathetic ear to troubled person, listen to him with compassion and gives comfort to him.  People can also donate something from their physical body such as blood, even kidney.