Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Summary of Jainism

After reading the hand out that the teacher distributes for all students about Jainism, I notice that Jainism is very similar to Buddhism , just differ some idea and some concepts .
Load Mahavira is regarded as the founder of Jain religion. Actually there are twenty three religious teachers in Jainism.

Summary of Zoroastrianism

This religion is one of the oldest religion in the world but now very few followers remain in some countries especially in India. This is the religion of Persia
This religion also has prophet like Islam, Christianity. The prophet is Zarasthustra, also known as Zoroaster who was regarded as the founder of this religion.

Summary of Judaism

Judaism is a strictly monotheistic religion and religion of the Jews. This religion has three pillars Jehovah, the God, Covenant and the Torah the law. Old Testament of the Bible is a main text of Judaism. And Moses is the prophet of this religion. And also Judaism has really for its origin the prophet Abraham as its founder and a chain of prophets after Moses.