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Right View

In our everyday life, the material competition is arising and as everybody know that we are all facing with many kinds of problems in everyday lives, so to solve that sorts of problems, we absolutely need to research the way to solve, and need to study the Sammadithi Sutta of Majjima Nikaya to understand more about Right View. Right View is intellectual understanding and studying to understand the Four Noble Truths and also one of step which belong to The Noble Eightfold Path. Right View provides essential guidance and keeping us on the path to genuine wisdom.

What is Right View?
“Right View is explained as the knowledge of the Four Noble Truths: Suffering, Cause of Suffering, Cessation of Suffering and Noble Eightfold Path. Primarily there are two, external and internal, factors conductive to Right Understanding. They are:
Hearing from others (paratogbosa) and
Thoughtful reflection (yonisomanasikara)” [1]
Right View is to understand the things and the four noble truths. According to Buddhism, there are two kinds of Right View or understand, that are as following;
A)  Hearing from others (paratogbosa) or knowing or book-knowledge, that we generally called understand is knowledge, an accumulated memory, an intellectual grasping of a subject according to certain data. But it is not deep.
B) Other real deep understanding knowledge is called Thoughtful reflection (yonisomanasikara) or penetration or penetrative wisdom, seeing a thing in its true nature, without name and label. This penetration or insight knowledge is possible only when the mind is free from all mental defilements and is fully developed through meditation.

The Wholesome and the Unwholesome
“What is the unwholesome, what is the root of the unwholesome? Killing living being is the unwholesome; taking what is not given is unwholesome; misconduct in sensual pleasure is unwholesome; malicious is unwholesome; wrong view is unwholesome. This is called unwholesome. And greed is the root of unwholesome, hate is the root of the unwholesome, delusion is the root of the unwholesome. This is called the root of the unwholesome.”[2]
The point of this question is to avoid evil things and to keep five precepts in order to get inner peace and to be associated with others. Doing the unwholesome thing is the way to attend inferno or the result of this behavior support to attend hell. Therefore people should avoid doing unwholesome things and trying not to do. All unwholesome actions come from three unwholesome roots; these are greed, hatred or aversions and delusion. The root of the unwholesome is that try to get what you want in wrong way. And when you become anger, never though to solve with peace way, and not try to find the actual true solution.
“What is the wholesome, and what is the root of the wholesome? Abstention from killing living being is wholesome; abstention from taking what is not given is wholesome; abstention from misconduct in sensual pleasure is wholesome; abstention from malicious speech is wholesome; right view is wholesome; non-covetousness is wholesome; this is called wholesome. And non-greed is a root of wholesome; non-hate is a root of the wholesome; non-delusion is a root of the wholesome; this is called the root of the wholesome.”[3]
Abstention from all unwholesome action is wholesome and also beneficial and morally praise worthy. Buddhist moral precepts provide a wholesome foundation for personal and social growth. If we understand the objectives of Sila and understand its benefit, we will see moral Sila as a require part of life. I also found the root of wholesome is that non-greed, non-hate, and non-delusion. Non-greed supports to become manifest as aloofness and also become generosity,
 Non-hate support to be positive person as good will, good friendliness, compassion and loving kindness, and the last one Non delusion let to know manifestly as wisdom and understanding and also mental clarity.
“When we look at a member of the opposite sex with a pure heart, we appreciate the beautiful without desire from some kind of contact or possession. We can delight in the beauty of other people, both man and woman, there is not selfish interest or desire. There is honesty, thins are what they are. This is what we mean by liberation or Vimutti in Pali.”[4]
 We are all ordinary people so that when we see some interesting view in front of us, our eyes indeed go to the view straightly and we appraise it that is very normal activities in our daily life. But we have to consider deeply sometime the way that liberate from confusion life, and have to learn to understand Right View. If we are not study to understand Right View, we will do everything bad things, evil things and unwholesome things without thinking wrong and right.
               “When we are developing Right View, we use our intelligence for reflection and contemplation of things. We also use our mindfulness, being open to the way it is. When we reflect in this way, we are using mindfulness and wisdom together. So now we are using our ability to discriminate with wisdom (Vijja) rather than with ignorance (Avijja). This teaching of the Four Noble Truths is to help you to use your intelligence- your ability to contemplate, reflect and thinking a wise way rather than in a self destructive, greedy or hateful way.”[5]

In this paragraph the mean point is that everybody absolutely needs to learn about Right View in order to rid our bad influencing mind and also to distinguish right and wrong view, otherwise we do not know the reality natural truth and the bad concepts are influencing in our mind, therefore studying to know Right View is really good and it support to be good person and finally attend to heaven and than it is also like a tick[6]et to attend Nibbana.

 I would like to conclude this paper by showing the benefits and profits of Right View. We have to start with the Right View compliant to the truths. This Right View inspires us to take practice, concentration and wisdom. The benefits of Right View for people are endless and understand of the wholesome action and unwholesome action. We all people actually need to have Right View in life. We have to affectionate, kind, and sympathetic on all living being creatures. We basically are all the same and the same group, just different colour, language and culture that is just surface, basically we are all the same so we need to understand the way of social life and have to keep the five precepts in order to rid our bad unwholesome action. 

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