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Buddhist Concept on Anger in Buddhism

   There are three poisons in Buddha’s teaching and Dosa or Anger is one of the dangerous poisons out of three which leads to evil and suffering. Dosa also let everyone to be trapped in the wheel of life again and again. As everybody understands the behavior of anger, and what anger looks like. At first we have to observe our own experience of anger ourselves then we can understand more clearly what anger is looks like. When we are angry, our minds, thoughts, and behaviors immediately changed into violent mind or impure mind then leads to violent action. 

What is Anger?
The Buddhist word Dosa, usually translated as anger, might more accurately be translated as “hostility” provided we recognize that hostility can be present in emotions ranging from minor aversion to full-blown rage.[1]
   Anger destroys the one who is angry and it burns both physicality and mentality. It naturally leads to violent action if he or she is not control the anger.

   Anger appears in our mind almost every day when we feel unpleasant things, and the anger keeps in all of us because we are being ordinary people. We sometime get angry with different reason and when anger is appear in our mind, we are like crazy, we forget everything without control our mind. This is why anger is a very common character that we express very easily when we get angry. So in briefly the anger indicates many emotions that we could see from others and even by ourselves. The negative thinking, sorrow, grief, fear, depression, anger, grudge, frightening others with abusive usages, attacking, planning to kill other people all of these are dosa. We irrigate easily as being ordinary people with different reasons if we are not control our mind.

Anger in Abhidhamma
There are only two types of cittas rooted in Dosa.
1 Domanassa sahagatam patigha sampayuttam asankharikam ekam
2 Domanassa sahagatam  patigha sampayuttam sasankharikam ekam
Whenever we feel angry or displeased or sad or depressed Dosa mula citta will arise. And whenever it arises, it is accompanied by ill will and mentally painful feeling. If it arises slowly after much prompting from oneself or others, it is Sasankharika[2]
    The three poisons in Buddhism are obstacle to attain Nirvana. The three poisons are Lobha, Dosa and Moha, or greed, anger and delusion. The person, who practices to attain the higher state of mind, must be eliminating defilement of Lobha, Dosa, and Moha.    This is the nature of our mind that if we see, meets unpleasant things, the dosa mula citta will probably arise that makes us angry and its harm ourselves; get painful feeling, finally its affect physically and mentally. Mind and matter are connected each other, if we feel unpleasant and awful, our physical body and mentality change constantly.
When one comes across material losses, death of loved ones, downfalls or failures, there will arises intense anger. It means extreme wrath. Ordinary anger leads to violence or even killing, while it gives you superlative anxiety and ire. The flame of anxiety and fury in the heart boil the blood circulating in the body. Therefore, a person with intense anger will get lapses or fits, or even lose consciousness[3]
   This above paragraph gives us a good explanation and it let us to know the characteristic of Dosa. We can aware of the characteristic of anger and what is the anger looks like? Anger appears in one’s mind rapidly anytime if the unsatisfactory things occur. If our anger is arsing by some unpleasant case, then our intense anger attack our physical body and mind. So we are severe affected by our intense anger. And after that we are just like blind person, or unconsciousness person, we could not distinguish what is wrong and what is right. Finally our intense anger let us to do completely wrong action and wrong things. The anger can be destructive our health that has a strong, powerful emotion. If we could not control our anger it may cause increasing anxiety, and also headache.

His Holiness Dalai Lama wrote in his book about the real enemy of human beings which is called Anger.
1. Anger is the real destroyer of our good human qualities; an enemy with a weapon cannot destroy these qualities, but anger can. Anger is our real enemy.
2. If we live our lives continually motivated by anger and hatred, even our physical health deteriorates.[4]
   It is notable and valuable point that His Holiness Dalai Lama expressed in his book and it inspire people to know what the character of anger is and also what bad consequence approach to all of us after blasting of Anger. It is true that chemical weapon cannot destroy our human abilities, qualities but the anger can destruct the quality of human life and everything concerning physical and mental. This is why we have to consider and recognize the anger as the real enemy of our life.

The Buddha said, ‘he abused me, he beat me, he defeated me, he robbed me. In him who harbours such thoughts hatred will not cease’.[5]
   It is the fact that hatred cannot be solved by hatred but loving-kindness and anger cannot be overcome by anger but compassion. In the same way we should need to develop our compassion and loving-kindness in order to solve such problems. We must train ourselves to analysis the moody mind when anger thought is appear in our mind.
Anger is sometime very weird emotion that we noticed. Some people get angry and it is not easily disappear or control that tough anger like carved on the rock but some people get angry is just few minutes then the angry thought passed away like writing in sand.  The thing is that when we are angry, we should aware of our own anger, examine our anger ourselves carefully, and then our anger gradually reduce into normal situation.

   People understand well the characteristic of anger or Dosa, we have to find the way to eradicate our anger then eliminate these loatheness anger from our mind. In my view, we can take over and eliminate the three poisons Lobha, Dosa, and Moha by taking regular meditation. Meditation is the best way to eradicate all poisons and develop loving-kindness. An angry person has full of delusion, he cannot even thinks of right or wrong. Some degree of anger will be with us for all of our lives and it is actually negative feeling stages that typically associate with hostile thinking. There are many causes that can make us angry. Many causes of angry come from different conditions as frustration, failure of business, competition, and so on. So everyone should know the way to reduce of high degree of angry with right way or positive way. I would like to point out that the good way of reduction of angry is taking meditation regularly every day with deep concentration. It is a way out of our characteristic of anger. 

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