Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Dhammachai Tipitaka Project Conference

The transmission of Dhamma: from the Buddha's time to present day!
On 23th, February, 2013, it  was a really remarkable and memorable day for us because it was a great conference at Science park convention center. The conference is about Tipitaka project .

First of all, I would like to describe about this project beginning. In April 2010, Wat Phra Dhammakaya has launched “The Dhammachai Tipitaka Project”, with the aim to preserve the existing palm-leaf manuscripts and to create the digitalized and computerized database of the Pali Tipitaka in order to support the Buddhist studies by all interested parties.
This project is a very long project. This project going to finish 2027, so everyone can imagine how hard work is it. The scholars from different countries have put a lot of their effort into inscribing and preserving these palm-leave manuscripts which have significant historical and cultural values as Buddhist documentary heritage.
And there are four great guest speakers from England, Germany, and Japan. I listened them very carefully and I do really appreciate them for their hard efforts. As we understand Tipitaka is a very huge and large, so to be done smartly this work, it going to take long.
so I would like to thank to Dhammakaya for this project and it would probably be give the sweet benefit for next Buddhist generation and I would like to thank our teacher Dr. Doungkamon for giving us this chance to take part this great conference


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