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A Survey on the International student’s preferences for living in MCU and Temples

This survey is about the international student’s preference for living in dormitory or temples in Bangkok. Nowadays students are more likely staying at dormitory of university because of many reasons, some students prefer staying at dormitory because of freedom and some students prefer staying at dormitory because of good study of alone in room and believe that dormitory staying students get grade higher than home living students. MCU monk students are staying at different temples in Bangkok and also staying in dormitory of University. So here in this paper describe the true research result of MCU students by asking of two questions. Do you like staying in MCU or outside of MCU? And what is your grade? The research result came from all international students and describe in body text of this paper in detail.
This survey was focus on international students who living in the dormitory of Mahachulalongkornrajavidyalaya University Wang Noi and outside of University. The primary purpose of this study was to know the most important factors that international students’ level of satisfaction with the student dormitory they are living in. This paper also explores the difference in the satisfaction levels of students living in dormitory and some students living in outside the University.
Different monk students have different idea regarding living in dormitory and temple. Due to difficult to find staying temple in Bangkok, most of foreign monks more likely staying in dormitory. It is true that to find the temple to stay in Bangkok is quite difficult, many temples in Bangkok not allow for foreign monks for staying. But what I have found the result comparing between dormitory living students and temple living students is that the grade GPA of temple living students are more higher than dormitory although living dormitory students have much time to study and do their personal things.
Expected Benefits
This survey will give a good information regarding dormitory living students and temple living students to university and for all of us and compare of each other among both side of living students, this information may be affect their mind to change their current situation from lazy study to eager study, less interested in study to more interested in study. This survey may probably be help to students by pointing out of their weakness on the reason of low grade.
The students, who living in temples, get good grade more than dormitory living students. Students who prefer to stay in dormitory become lazier and that habits affect their study and the result come out with low grade condition compare to temple living students.
Thus we hypothesis that
The temple living students get higher Grade GPA than dormitory living students.
Research Methodology
This survey was passed during January 2014, at Mahachulalongkornrajavidyalaya University, Wang Noi, Thailand. The survey was focus on all international students at faculty of Buddhism, the number here is not less than 100 students from different countries. The survey was by distributing survey paper with two questions for all classes from first year to fourth year and collect back those all papers for survey.
 The Survey
The primary question was as follow
Ø Do you like staying in MCU or outside of MCU?
The students have two options to choice for possible answer.
·        Staying in MCU
·        Staying outside of MCU
And the second question was:
Ø What is your grade GPA?
For the second question, there are three options that students could choose
o   3.35
o   35-4
o   No idea
Original survey questions
The aim of this survey is to know clearly about international students who are more likely staying at MCU’s dormitory or outside of MCU. 
Do you like staying in MCU or outside of MCU?

Please tick      only one box

 Staying in MCU

 Staying outside of MCU
                            What is your grade GPA?



 No idea

Table of result
Under 3.35
Over 3.35
MCU staying
7 (77%)
2 (23%)
Outside staying
32 (74%)
11 (26%)

Under 3.35
No Idea

MCU stay
7 (10%)
2 (2%)
61 (87%)
Outside stay
32 (64%)
11 (22%)
7 (14%)

Analysis of the Results
We can see very clearly the survey result come out and what I found the result above is that although majority of international students more likely to stay at University’s dormitory but compare the grade GPA of both outside living students and dormitory living students have big gap. The first table mentions the number of MCU staying students and outside staying students who exposed their grade results but in the first table does not add who tick No Idea box in survey paper.
Second table describes the overall of through survey result. The students who prefer to live at dormitory get very low grade just 10% from 70 students want to show their GPA result and 87% of dormitory students do not want to expose their GPA others. And also only 2 students get the higher grade over 3.35 that is just 2% from 70 students.
And students who live at outside of University get good result and they want to show their GPA with confidently. 64% of outside living students get 3.35 grade, 22% get 3.35 to 4 and just 14% of outside living students do not want to show the exam result to others.
We can consider about university living monk students and temple living students how difference between them by doing this research survey. This somewhat support our hypothesis made the temple living monk students are more clever and get higher marks than dormitory living monks students.
Limitation of Survey
This survey was limited by the small number of international students of the whole university. There was only a total of 120 monk students surveyed which does not enough to be a good survey and to know exactly correct information regarding the staying in University and outside of University. And during these days not many students come to class, so this is a bit difficult to share the survey paper to all international students to get big number of students.
Suggestion for Further Research
Every university students should do any kinds of survey as we do now to know the good point and bad point of University. This survey also a good one to all of us know how many international students more likely stay at dormitory and how many of them prefer staying at temple with different reasons. Today students are still happy staying at university but tomorrow may change their mind, this is why every academic year students should have opportunity to do individual survey.
In conclusion, different students have different idea, view on staying places during studying at MCU but some think dormitory is better place for students but some think temple is a good place for them with the many reasons. Providing accommodation for students especially for monk students is a very good for university but it should have dormitory regulations and some punishment to those who break the rules, otherwise students are playing internet all days without manage of their times and even never come for evening chanting. These habit lead to laziness, inappropriate for monks. Although monks are studying higher education at university, they should stay at temples by following of their temple regulations and rules.


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