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Summary of Judaism

Judaism is a strictly monotheistic religion and religion of the Jews. This religion has three pillars Jehovah, the God, Covenant and the Torah the law. Old Testament of the Bible is a main text of Judaism. And Moses is the prophet of this religion. And also Judaism has really for its origin the prophet Abraham as its founder and a chain of prophets after Moses.

Before Moses the Hebrew people had for their prophet Abrahman.
Moses had really a contract with deity and the deity gives many other laws for the guidance of the people. According to the contract, Yahwah was to protect the Hebrews, give them their own land of Cannan. Yahwah is reported to have spoken to Moses.
It is Moses who gives the Jews a new religion with Yahweh as God and also the promised land of Cannan. But the religion after him faced many severe threats. The greatest shock to the religion and the people came at the hands of Nebuchadnezzar who demolished Judaic temple in Jerusalem and forced the Jews for an exist to Babylonia.
Judaism is a monotheistic and believing in one and only one god. God is creator and the ruler of the world. All that exists is created by him and all that happens is his will. He is eternal, having no beginning and end. His power are unlimited but he limited them by his own will and grants freedom to human being.
God is also much emphasized in Judaism . Holiness implies two things spiritual eminence and moral excellence.
This world is created by God and in the beginning God created the heaven and the earth and everything else was created gradually by god’s will. The world is not a finished product. It even finds care of God and is renewed day by day. The Jews believe that although God is present everywhere in the world, Israel is his chosen land and the people of Israel are the chosen people through whom particularly he wants to champion the cause of Goodness in the entire world.
In Judaism man is also created by God. Man is the goal of creation  and this is significance of being created on the last day of creation. Man is dear to God and God want man to be his partner in his aims of the ultimate establishment of good on earth. God is all powerful but by limiting his power by his own will, he has granted freedom of will to man. Man can become part of God’s unity which is eternal.
Evil and Suffering
Judaism also same other theism religion has problem to face of evil. It takes God as all powerful, just and merciful and it has to account for evil. Evil is due to the devil Satan. Taking clue from Zoroastrianism, some believe it to be true for Judaism also.
Life after Death
Jewish ideas about life after death do not seem to be very clear. Judaism believe in the resurrection of the death and a world yet to come in which the resurrected souls will have their share.
The idea of Heaven and hell in Judaism are somewhat a late development. Judaism seems to have a definite belief in things like the day of final judgment, resurrection of the dead and the heaven and hell.
Human Destiny
Man’s ultimate destiny is to attain the membership of heaven where he will live eternally in perfect pleasantness with God and his angels. In this ultimate life which the righteous people attain, there is neither human body nor any bodily function. The life eternal or the immortal life as the life of heaven may be called, is the destiny of those few who have followed faithfully the Jewish discipline during their life time. But those who have not observed the Torah and the Commandments are sent to hell.
This view finds support in the Jewish belief that someday or other a Messiah will come on earth to redeem everybody.
Judaic discipline
The basic principle of conduct in Judaism is imitation. The imitation of God. There are six things which the Lord hates, seven which are an abomination to him. Haughty eyes, a lying tongue, hands that shed innocent blood, a heart that devises wicked plots, feet that are swift to run to mischief, a false witness that utters lies, and one that sows discord among brethren. And also have ten commandments there ten commandments are considered as given by Jehovah to Moses for the guidance of children of Israel.
Principal Sects
The two main divisions in Judaism are between the Orthodox and the Progressive. The Orthodox are those who insist on the strict observance of the Mosaic Law and the Talmud. The progressive do not give much weight to those.

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