Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Meditation in daily life

                     Our everyday life is too mundane and not so beautiful. Everybody in the world is infatuate, wanted and loves Sukha which mean real happiness and enjoys but dislike mental and physical painful feeling that called in Pali Dukha. And also find the way of avoiding and removing unpleasantness
. In order to peace our mind and to drive out our greed, hatred and delusion, we need to control our mind, so the best way to control our wandering mind and spreading mind to anywhere is meditation. So I would like to introduce and franking out about meditation that I learned from meditation practically by myself. And also share my experience to everyone who interested in meditation.
What is meditation?
                                   In my personal view of about meditation is that meditation is the best medicine to cure our mind and we can say that the way to train the mind and cultivation of mind. Meditation could make calm the mind, develop concentration and brings our attention to the present moment. To meditate properly is meant, to come to peace, to come to an end of though process and to achieve complete stillness of the mind. Meditation is not sometime in the form of a magic wand but the mode of Buddhist way of achieving the discipline of the mind. And also meditation is that the only way to calm the mind and actually to discover the unfolding the mysterious and the vague character of the mind that surround us in the world of miseries.   And our minds are very complex and have many different aspects to them. That is why,( His Holiness the Dalai Lama says that one meditation method alone is not sufficient to develop all aspects of ourselves.) it is very good to learn a various of meditation because each one deals with different aspect of our mind. But each meditation has its own specialty. For example, when you are very fluster and restless, it is very good the way to do the breathing meditation to settle your mind down. After your mind is calmer, you can do other meditation such as meditation on love or meditation on the kindness of other. And you can meditate on emptiness to develop the wisdom to understand reality. Those are all very good way of meditation for all.

Two kinds of meditation:
                                         In Buddhism way of about meditation, there are two kinds of meditation such as Samatha meditation and Vipassana meditation. Between these two meditations Samatha and Vipassana are totally quite  different, Samatha meditation aims for the peace of the mind but Vipassana meditation aims for knowing and seeing the reality, be able to gain wisdom from the power of the mind. Here, we really should know about different between Samatha meditation and Vipassana meditation. The meaning of Samatha is that concentration, tranquility. When I am meditating or when the mind is deeply concentrated on the object of meditation, it become tranquil. So Samatha meditation purpose is that to attain deep concentration of mind. The benefits of Samatha meditation is that attainment of deep concentration. When the mind is deeply concentrate on the object of meditation, all bad things defilement greed, hatred, delusion conceit and desire, are not present in the mind which is engrossed in the object. Therefore the mind is peace from these defilements, when our mind is free from all bad things defilement, we will meet with true happiness, peace, calm, tranquil and happy. That is why Samatha meditation brings some degree of real happiness.
And another Vipassana meditation purpose is that to attain the ending of suffering think truly understanding the physical and mental processes. I would like to say that we need indeed concentration; the concentration could attain though steady and mindfulness.
Here we come to understand the different between Samatha meditation and Vipassana meditation. The summery of these two what difference is that Samata meditation to attain the peace and happiness deep concentration.
Vipassana meditation purpose is that to attain cessation of suffering though understanding of mental and physical processes, and true natural. So these two methods of meditation Samatha meditation and Vipassana meditation are very quite different. Any physical or mental process can be the object of meditation. And also these two methods purpose and results of Samatha meditation and Vipassana meditation are very different and also  the methods
The benefits of meditations:
Every meditator’s destination is just to meet with real and true peace and happiness. Those are what meditator wants from their meditation activities.  If you are practicing meditate in quite place, it is a good way to experience and inner peace. As the mind become more and more calm your mind also more and more peace and you will absolutely get feeling flashes in your insight, and you will feel inner peace and inner joy. Those are some of meditations’ benefits. If you are beginner at meditation, firstly you will feel a little bit difficulty to get concentration, and you will feel some itches, some pain or tension in your body but those kinds of feeling is happened before you get concentration. As long as your meditating and concentration deepen, your feeling painful, and itches will disappear from your mind and body, and then you will feel calm, peace and happy. Worries and your feeling bad are disappearing.  And when you are concentrating deeply on meditation, you forget everything and physical life, your close friend, your family, your economic condition, your work and almost everything. Your consciousness is now free from body, mind and emotion. When emotion disappears while you are meditating deeply, you, actually, will know that emptiness that is full of happiness, existence, life and power.
Many years ago, meditation was considered that meditation is just for religious person, not modern people but now a day it has become very popular among all kinds of people, therefore many western people approach to meditation center to search their real happiness and peace in Buddhism way. And to remove or disappear their tension, hatred and delusion, therefore a lot of western people rely on Buddhist temple for their physical and mental problem to relief their problem. So meditation could be change to people and help the way to peace for everyone who are looking for happiness, peace path for their life. We can pursue as for as we want. My personally believe that many people who interested about meditation may be satisfy with meditating for greater relaxation and peace of mind. And then if we can attain peace of mind in meditation then this peace will to some extent remain with us for the rest of the day. That are all endless benefits of mediation, therefore I am indeed interested in meditation. And hope everyone to gain true rejoice, happiness, and peace from mediation.


As much as you spend your precious time on meditation, you will gain endless profits from practice meditation. If you have the time, try to practice meditation at least an hour each day. Now a day, people are very busy with different situation but they also waste their times on online, TV, movie, chit-chat with friends and so on. So everyone has time to meditate just one hour a day, that is not too much, before you go to bed at night and get up from the bad in early morning that is the best time to take meditation. Before you go to work taking meditation just five minutes is very good as well. And also need to learn about insight(vipassana) meditation. The purpose of insight (Vipassana )meditation is that not to create a system of beliefs, but rather to give guidance on how to see clearly into the nature of the mind.


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